Uniquely Swede Moment #3 – Fishing in the King’s front garden

Passing in front of the Kings Palace and Parliament last weekend we came across this very intriguing little sign,


On closer inspection it explains that any resident or visitor to Stockholm is entitled to fish her waters free of charge,

photo 1 photo 2

What’s amazing though is WHERE it entitles you to fish… as in right here, in front of the King’s Palace!

photo 3

Not a bad place to fish hey? The King’s bloody front garden! Don’t believe me? Check out this guy catching his tea for the night,

photo 4

Now unfortunately I am not a fisherman. Brendadio took me once as a kid to Lymm Dam, which is a body of water near where I grew up in Manchester. It was created when they built what is now the A56, which should give you a good indication of the explosive kind of fishing activity that takes place there… 7 straight hours of staring at an orange float sat on the top of the water and I decided fishing wasn’t really for me… Should have known really, only thing you will catch sitting around Lymm Dam is a cold. The sausage sandwiches wrapped in foil were good mind.

That all said, I do know two ‘hunters’ (as they put it) who I expect will be extremely excited about this news. Phil ‘Quint’ Grimshaw and Ed ‘Brody’ Shez are not only going to need a bigger boat, but at least a couple more barrels … that’ll do on the Jaws references I think.

Grimshaw is such a fishing enthusiast that on his stag weekend we went sea fishing out of Bournemouth dressed in drag. Yeap that’s right, we went sea fishing… Oh the drag thing? Yea, that also happened. Ironically the strangest thing was seeing someone licking a fish head to make themself sick, but that’s a story for another time.

More importantly, my challenge to Grimshaw, Shez and any other visitors with an interest in fishing is that when you visit, at some point you will have to fish in front of the Palace. I don’t care if it’s just sticking one of the cheap ‘crab nets’ you buy at seaside resorts to keep the kids quite for a bit – I want to see some fishing – sorry hunting.

Aside from anything else, fish like everything over here is expensive I want a free dinner!


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